Okay, here’s the whole story. A few months after we moved into the apartment we got a call from the land lady, let’s call her Mrs. Parrish. Uhmm, no that’s too obvious, let’s just call her Pat. She tells me that someone in the building who’s trying to do some work there during the days is being irritates by “noise”. We’re talking chairs scratching, and other miscellaneous “noise”. She says that she has to come into our apartment to check to make sure that we have the appropriate “floor coverings” (aka: throw rugs) that are mentioned in the lease, to block the sound. So we’re thinking sure, fine whatever, check it out. She comes in, checks things, everything must have been adequate otherwise she would have told us.

     A few months later I get a call saying “So Ian, what happened last night?”. I’m thinking; what the hell are you talking about? So I told her what happened last night. “My brother came over and Brianne and him and I watched some TV and then we went to bed.” She keeps insinuating that I made a lot of noise. The only noise that I heard was a party on it’s way out in the elevator. She’s like no, not that noise, there was some fighting from your apartment last night. At this point I’m feeling very accused of making this noise which I obviously slept through. She does some more investigating, and figures out that it was the apartment across the hall. She didn’t apologize or anything, she didn’t even tell us where the noise was coming from. I had to find out from my unhappy neighbour (because he’s paying more to live in this apartment then he would pay on a high priced mortgage) that it was the apartment next to him, across the hall from me.

     After another month or so I get pissed off because there are a lot of problems with this building including crappy elevators, so I wrote a letter. [Available Here] It basically said that hey, we’re paying close to $250 more per month then the average and we’re getting a crappy building with none of the things that we are supposed to have. (I didn’t pay for slow, creaky, wobbly, unreliable elevators and this supposed gym which we still haven’t seen.) It also indicated that I did not appreciate being accused of creating noise when we are among the quieter tenants in the building.

     Yesterday I got a call saying that the night before between 1:00am and 2:00am there was a lot of noise coming from our apartment, she said that it was described as “partying” and then later she called it “fighting”. She said that she had to come into the apartment to make sure that we had adequate floor coverings (which, might I remind you, she’s already done). She said that it was in our line of apartments (Floor#-11, ie: 1611, 1711, etc..) that complained about the noise and since we were dead asleep, not having had an excellent night’s sleep the night before, we didn’t hear anything. She went on to say that I’m being very defensive about things and insinuating that because I’m doing that, I must be the culprit. Well news flash woman, I’m being defensive because you’re barging into my life and you have no reason to do so! Odds are the reason that we don’t hear these other tenant’s constant domestic disturbances is that we have the air conditioner on all the time because if we don’t leave it on, the bedroom boils over because we can’t turn the baseboard heaters off any more then they already are because the stupid switch is broken and it was like that when we moved in!

     When we got home yesterday there was a letter on our door knob which was address to us but the “Dear…” line said two other people’s names. Obviously they are much too busy in the rental office to ensure that they format such a complex letter properly. *sarc*

     Last night Brianne and I were lying in bed listening and we heard 4 chairs scratch and little “noise” that you would never notice unless you were listening for it between 11:00pm and 11:30pm. I think we should complain that everyone in the building is not perfectly silent.

Author: Ian

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