First of all, I would just like to give thanks that I’m not in Calgary, Alberta today. They have 40cm of snow to deal with. Last time I checked it was May, and that’s supposed to be a warm month.

     Next I’d like to annouce that having a super-intendant help you isn’t the worst thing in the world. A story from Lawrence Ave. yesterday said that a woman fell seven stories to her death because she got locked out of her apartment. Rather then get the guy with the master key, she asker her neighbour if she could use her balcony to jump to her apartment. It’s people like this that give slightly irresponsible people a bad name.

     Personal news today is that Brianne and I have decided that at this point we can’t afford a house. We’re going to find somewhere else to rent for cheaper then we’re renting now and save that extra money so that next year we can move into a house in the summer with a much larger down payment. To move in right now Brianne would have to give up riding and we wouldn’t be able to take the tropical vacation that we had planned on taking. (Although with Brianne’s new job, I don’t think she gets any vacation time until next year, so even that is being deferred.) Last night we drove by a couple nasty looking places in Brampton and a nicer one in Milton. Also we’re thinking we might get the cheaper rate with a little more quiet if we rent a basement apartment with a nice family living above us.

Author: Ian

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