I went to my very first horse show today. Brianne and I went to the show so that she could check out the whole showing thing and so we could cheer on the other folks from Gillonna Farms. It was pretty cool seeing all of the high strung horses and the high strung riders trying to do their damnedest and stay their coolest in their classes. And that wasn’t hard today with the cold and the snow and such. I learned that I need to start keeping lawn chairs in the trunk, at least that way I could sit. Next time I’m going to use the opportunity to film these competitions, because it will give me something to do other then concentrate on being cold. By the end of the day Brianne really regretted not showing in the show because she could kicked some ass! So it’s a sure, thing we’ll be going again, hopefully it will be warmer next time.

     Yesterday I was working on my computer for a couple of hours because for some reason some DVDs play and others stop after anywhere between 30 seconds – 5 minutes of play. Finally with some help from some other geek I was told to try changing the settings for the reading mode of the controller to “DMA if available”. Sure enough, it worked and now I have a fully operational DVD player!

     Guess what! You know my dilemma last night about having too much TV to watch, well first we watched the game, which the Leafs lost. We came back to the T’Andreea residence and watched the X-Files. It was okay, but kinda had no content, personally, I think they’re just building to the movie which is supposedly coming out next summer. We thought that was it, but then we started flipping channels and through the magic of time zones, we were able to tune into The Simpsons at 7:30 pacific, then at 8:00 pacific, we watched The Sopranos. The Simpsons was bloody hilarious, I mean, the screamapillar? Sexually attracted to fire? Agrivated bugery! Ha ha ha! The Sopranos was pretty good too, lots of violence to keep us entertained.

     Until next time!

Author: Ian

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