What a beautiful day! Today was a pleasant relief from the grossly weather that we’ve been having. I got tons of stuff done today too, so it a double whammi! First I finished some stuff having to do with Tweaked Solutions Inc. being a retailer for some big distributors which is very cool. I’m going to be opening an e-store appropriately named the Tweaked Store and it will have excellent prices on everything from computer related office supplies to media for your computer to complete computer systems. Very cool stuff and since there’s little to no overhead online (because I’m doing all of the programming rather then buying an expensive software package) I can afford to keep prices down and for many products, go below the prices of some big retailers. Quite excellent if I do say so myself. I’m hoping to get a loyal following for the store and end up employing a team of people just for that branch of things, maybe in a few years if all is going well, open an office just for that on it’s own.

     I also got my first response from my ad in the CNLA newsbrief today and the person is going ahead with hosting and would like some work done on their site too. Again, very cool.

     I took the car into Crappy Tire to get a new battery because I’m fairly sure that that is the problem which I’m having with the car. The power keeps fading when I press the brake because it’s a sudden pull on the alternator and there’s not enough battery to back it up. (I figured this out today when I didn’t “start” the car and I could barely roll up the window.) So I kept the old battery, that way if I do something stupid like leave my lights on, I can give myself a jump rather then having to ask someone. I was also thinking of runnning my amp off it, but I really don’t have the time to play with that.

     Also today, I got a firewire or iLink cable. It allows me to plug my laptop into my camera without the speed limitations of USB. Now I can get nearly 800×600 pixel videos off of the camera instead of the 400×300 or so that I was limited to before. I still need more play time, and I have to film something worth putting on the web, but I’ll show it off at a later date.

     This weekend is Brianne’s birthday weekend! All weekend long, we’re being fed and on Monday, I’m taking her out for an nice formal dinner somewhere yet to be determined. It’ll be nice to get a bunch of visiting in too.

     The barn is alive today, it’s pretty cool. Because of the warm weather, the dogs are all out being all loverly and the horses are there, obviously, but the two new ones I saw today were the bat which was flying circles around in one of the horses’ stalls and the three barn swallows which make the most entertaining noise.

     Anywho, that’s all for now, I’ll let you know when more news is newsworthy.

Author: Ian

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