Well, it took nearly two hours and three bottles of water (my throat got parched) but I finally changed my address on all of my accounts with everyone. I think I’ve already spoken too soon, but the bulk of things is done-didily-un!

     I’ve been concentrating on adding some content to my Tweaked Store you’re welcome to play around with what I’ve got so far, it’s a work in progress.

     The other thing that most of my energy has been concentrated on is getting the new internet connection at the office, finally we’re getting some real speed, with a reliable fibre optic connection. The main problem is getting the connection into the building and after getting all of the conduit ordered, I got a call from Bell Canada saying that we’re actually allowed to use the conduit for the phones. So now I have to get them to send me a real map of the conduit and get some other guys to come out to see if we can actually use the conduit (it might be too full of spiders or grasshoppers [actually, I hear that they filmed part of Disney & Pixar’s A Bug’s Life in a section of it] to run the cable through it.) Bottom line is, gotta hook this up ASAP so I can get back to my office integration databases, yippy skippy!

     Until next time, keep fit and have fun!

Author: Ian

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