Today is a very green day! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, all the trees are green and it’s a great day to crank up the Green Day on your drive around town. I’m of the belief that there is nothing better then popping in your favorite Green Day album and driving while drumming on the steering wheel.

     I got word this weekend that my grandparents sold their cottage. It’s the end of an era really. From fishing, boating, swimming, reading a book to the simple R&R, the cottage life will be missed. Actually, it’s already missed. I haven’t been up there in years. The last couple times I went, I got to drive the four wheeler, it’s pretty cool. Also, I’m never going to forget going out to drop the minnow trap in the creek down the road with Grampa. Then we would come back and there would be hundreds of critters in that trap. Throughout my fishing experience, I’ve never had such a good catch in the trap as over in that creek. It was probably because of all of the moskquitos out there, lots to feed on. Another good memory is the time when my brother and I were used to catching 3-5 inch perch off the dock and then this massive fish swam by, it was like 5 inches thick, about 2 feet long, and it came right into the shallow water and scared the hell out of us. I guess I need to make millions of dollars so that I can go up north an buy myself a cottage.

Author: Ian

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