What a wonderful weekend! There’s nothing like a beautiful weekend to lift your spirits. Tom got his new lawn installed on Saturday morning and then we all plopped ourselves in front of the TV to watch Lewis kick Tyson’s ass. I’m not much of a boxing fan, but with an extra 13″ of reach, Lewis had such an advantage that it wasn’t a surprise. I don’t think Mike’s teeth were in it.

     Last night we ate dinner at my parent’s house. While we were eating a robin lost control of it’s guidance system and tried to fly through the back window. Forunately, after sleeping it off, the robin was able to ignite it’s engines and fly away.

     Today I get to be executive administrator of hole digging operations or EAHDO. We have to uncover a conduit so that we can run a wire through it and then we will have fibre optic connection to the internet. It’s gonna be lovely.

     And now, I need some coffee! Have a good day!

Author: Ian

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