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     Brianne entered into a show which is going to be held at Gillonna Farms (the barn she rides at) on June XX. I’ll be there sporting my video camera and filming along the way.

     I’ve been working on some cool scripts that I’ve been meaning to make for a while. First is a calendar, which I have to make pull data out of a database, but other then that it works great. Check it out. And the next one which I’m working on right now is a forum script, which I know has been done before, but not to my specifics, so rather then learn someone else’s code and change it, I just decided to start from scratch. Check it out. Neither one is by any means ready for public release, but they’re both quite cool coding-wise.

     We’re moving stuff this weekend from grampa’s cottage. This is good because not only do I get to provide my useful strength, but I also get this final opportunity to show Brianne the cottage before it’s out of the family. We’re going to go up on Friday so that we can walk around and enjoy the cottage atmosphere before we get to the heavy lifting.

     Unfortunately (looking at The Weather Network) it doesn’t look like we’ll have nice weather for the moving, which kinda sucks, but a little rain will be nice to keep us cool while we lift heavy furniture.

Author: Ian

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