Brianne had her horse show at the barn yesterday. Things went anything but smoothly (to say the least). Kathy, Brianne’s friend got completely discouraged when her horse, Mylo decided that today would be a nice day to behave like a large pickled cucumber. She got dicouraged and decided that it would be better if she didn’t get in the show.

     Unfortunately, Brianne’s luck wasn’t much more. As I understand it, in a show, you’re not allowed to have a certain type of deviced called a “Martigale” (sp?) and so Percy had to borrow a far too small version of the same, which is allowed (I think it’s called a running martigale.) But since it was too small, it probably wasn’t all that comfortable. To add to it, the weather was plain old crappy. Hot, hazy, and slightly humid. You sweat just sitting there and you can burn in the shade. (My nose is proof.) Percy just didn’t click. He gave a bumpy ride through the whole course for her warm up and then when the time came to be judged, he refused twice and Brianne slid off the second time. I had to go catch him. I gave her her crop, she wacked the hell out of him and rode a bumpy ride.

     It’s odd though, not that I know much of anything about jumping, but Percy loves to jump. You can see how excited he gets about jumping when he’s leading up to it. Brianne could be trotting him up to it and he’ll still canter out of it because he likes to run and jump.

     The flat classes went better and Brianne ended up placing second in the show hack.

     After the last event, it was announced by Franchesco (who made a very good master of ceremonies) that Brianne had won the day with her stick-to-it-ness. She was awarded the spirit award, which must have just been a title, because she didn’t see a prize for it.

All in all, it was a very tiring day. We went out to Jack Astors’ for dinner and then came home and Brianne went to sleep. I played some video games for a couple of hours then joined her in sleepy-dom before 10pm.

     I asked Sneakers for her comments on the whole situation and this is what she said; “”. (I’m thinking she’s speechless on the issue.)

Author: Ian

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