Brianne’s riding tonight, and I’m touring the town. Stu’s going to get his own IP so that he can play Quake3 online, so he needs a hub. I have one kickin’ around that I can hook him up with, so I’m gonna. I also got a call back today from one company that I applied to to become a reseller. According to Crispin, they’re “the” upstream provider out of Markham, so technically, I’d be jumping over my supplier for computer parts, which would be good for me, not them.

     Also of note, I got some catalogues in, so if you know someone who’s responsible for ordering toner, paper, cameras, labels, etc. for their company, let me know so I can send them one. I can save them some money (especially if they’re ordering from Grand & Toy or Staples).

Author: Ian

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