It was a dark and stormy night, when our hero was sitting by the monitor’s quiet glow, the keyboard clacking away, line after line of code. It was at this moment that he screamed “Aha!” at the top of his lungs scaring the hell out of his beautiful girlfriend and their animals. The breakthrough was profound. He had discovered a way to beam objects across the room using the ultra-lo frequency of his monitor. The technology would revolutionise the way life is lived and make Star Trek geeks around the world happier. The only challenge would be keeping this discovery secret as in the wrong hands this technology could be easily used for incredible evil. Just think about it, burgalur types could simply concentrate the beam on the items that they wanted and digitally transport them out of the store, bank or whatever. The government couldn’t know either, because they’re satanists and they would try to kill him if they even thought that he had created such a device. (X-Files vs. Independance Day scenario)

Author: Ian

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