Holy smokes there’s a lot to talk about this morning, so I’ll go through this a little bit at a time. First, the CuJo issue. I’m not the biggest hockey fan in the world, I’ve never been much for watching a sport, I’ve always been more partial to playing a sport. Seeing what the Leafs have done here though has sparked some interest on my part. Curtis Joseph has been supporting the Leafs for a while now and it was evident in watching the playoff games that he is a major supporting role on the team. Some of those games were won by him. He went to Detroit for less money then the Leafs were going to give him, and for less time. The major difference in the contract was that if he wins a Stanley Cup then he gets a massive bonus. I don’t see why we couldn’t have done that here. The Leafs are a team that pulls in the most money in the league and shells out the least, it just doesn’t make sense. I would have to hope though that it’s some sort of strategic planning on the management side of things that they’ll save money now so they can buy an amazing team and go for five cups in a row starting in the year 2025.

Author: Ian

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