How about this heat? It’s incredible how gross it has been outside lately. Yesterday and the day before, my wrists actually broke out in a heat rash and Brianne actually for-went riding yesterday evening for Percy’s sake. It’s just too hot. I heard yesterday that there’s a channel up north, I forget what it’s called, but boats can’t use it because even in the summer it’s covered with ice. It’s melting at about 4% per year now and science folk say that it may start melting faster then that. This will mean that it’s going to be usable to transport hot pants and other exciting commodities. A political problem with this is that Canada believes it’s part of their country and USA believes it’s part of international waters, so it could start a whole international hooplah, all because of global warming. I say that they agree now to disagree and put it in writing.

Author: Ian

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