Went to the grand opening of the new Yuk Yuk’s location on Richmond between University and Duncan last night. It’s was a laugh, but one guy that went on, holy shmokes! He needed his mouth washed out like there’s no tomorrow. First thing’s first though, there was this girl in the row behind us with some friends and she started talking to the MC as soon as he got on stage (he’s the fat guy from the “Nacho nacho man!” commercial) and he insulted her, she was from Windsor so he took pokes at people from Windsor and all that stuff, in an effort to shut her up.

     The next guy went up, his name was Alan Park, and man, did he have some problems. That girl didn’t shut up, so he reefed into her, and some of the most vulgar things you’ve ever heard came out. I mean, there’s a line between funny and scary and I think he crossed it. He had a lot of opinions too, like that the pope was “the grand wizard of little boy molestation”. He said that; the pope could just say, nope, zero tolerance, but no, he gives these pricks (who make some pretty horific movies from their true stories, might I add) a new position somewhere else. A few bad apples have spoiled this guy’s view of Catholism. Perhaps he was abused as a child and when he saw movies like Sleepers he got upset because he was a weiner and didn’t take his revenge, so now, he’s lashing out against the audience at a comedy club which paid to hear his scary, non-comedic rants. What a jerk.

     The MC came back on, then sent out Mike MacDonald who’s had many television specials and Just For Laughs appearances. Now that is comedy, he went on and on about his disfunctional family, family trips was the main topic and it lasted… well, I’m not sure how long it lasted, but it was wet-your-pance-funny. I’m sure he’ll do part of that set this summer, so maybe you guys can catch it on TV.

     Overall it was a good night out, then we hit a bar called The Cherry Room which was okay but I was tired since I had gotten up at 8am to start cleaning the apartment for dinner last night. The music was pretty good when we got there, but then the got into a cRap/Regge set which is annoying to listen to. I’ve never really minded dance music because it’s got a nice upbeat, steady beat, and happy, let’s-go-out-and-have-fun songs. That other stuff though, ugh, I’ve been known to be on the dance floor and just stop dancing when that stuff comes on. I can’t stand it.

     Today the plans are focused around R&R, hang out around here, (Brianne’s bakin’ muffins!) and then go out on the boat with Tom and Andreea. Have a good one!

Author: Ian

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