I’m trying very hard to install RedHat Linux on a Pentium 166 because it’s the only operating system that will run my 8 port multi-modem which I have on trial from Equinox Systems. It wouldn’t be a rush job except for the fact that Crispin won’t spend $130 on a router so unless I want to do this again later, it’ll have to be now. I’m learning a lot about RPMs though and Google is being a very useful tool when I type in the right queries. I read in the paper about the Google Whackers the other day. The name of the game is typing in two words and only getting one match in Google. It’s pretty hard to do and all of the ones that they published have now been spidered and now match about a million times. Back to my topic though, if you ever install Linux and can’t use the -bb option of rpm, that’s because you don’t have the rpm-build rpm installed. Also, if you can’t find the source rpms, they’re in the /pub/redhat/linux/7.1/os/en/i386/SRPMS directory of ftp.redhat.com

     All I wanna do, is go to bed, I’ve got a feelin’, I’m not the only one… Tomorrow, road trip to Ottawa! W’hoo!

Author: Ian

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