Well hasn’t this been a busy week. Brianne explained the ottawa trip, it was great fun to go out on the open road and watch the running and jumping horses.

     All this week I’ve been concentrating all of my time on this project for work that makes all of the databases at work into one huge database, and all of the aspects from our online databases will come from this one, so everyone can keep everything updated via their web browser. It’s all very complicated and hurts my brain to talk about it.

     On Monday we went and checked out an apartment and days later we found out that it was ours. The place needs some work but the new landlord has offered to pay for materials if we’re doing the work. The property is huge and we’re going to have our own door and no elevators, horribly stinky neighbours, awful management companies or any of that other lovely stuff that we get here.

     Late in the week, since Tom is out of town, his computer systems broke down so IASL called me and I had me go in to fix them. No problemmo.

     Yesterday we went to Aunt Kim’s pool party. Good fun, as always.

Author: Ian

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