Well! Plans are coming together quite nicely for us to get out of our old place and into the new one. The one hold up that we’ve run into is that Michelle (who currently is at the place we’re moving into) is being held up by Dave (who is moving into one of the apartments in the house) because he’s not done his repairs yet. Stephen, our new landlord, has been assured that Dave will be done today. That would mean that Michelle would move this weekend and then I’d be able to get in and start painting on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, Tom and I are moving a whole bunch of stuff during the day, so that we’ll be able to spend the evening there.

     One thing that kinda sucks about this new place is the lack of cable. To combat that, I’ve gone and got some important tools to get my satellite system up and running again, so at least we’ll get some TV. As for internet access, I think I’m just going to dial up for a while, but after some time, I think Tom and I will start to fool around with wireless stuff. If we could get a clear shot to somewhere from the property, we’d be set.

     I’m also looking forward to getting outside more. In stead of sitting in the apartment in the evenings, we can sit outside and there’s no slow elevator full of ignorant people on the way there. Being on the 16-mile creek and having 80 acres of property at our fingertips will give us the ability to get out there and walk around, go fishing, and just explore the area. I’m also looking forward to fixing up my bike and doing some riding, but we’re probably going to need to get a shed to put our bikes and stuff in as we don’t have as much storage space anymore.

     Overall, I think this place will be much better for us. Not only does it save us money, but there is an incredible amount of freedom involved, compared to standard apartments. I think we’re going to have a good time there too. Having neighbours that are real people and not mutes that complain to the landlord when they hear noise will be quite excellent.

Author: Ian

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