Whoo! Yesterday, my bike got the tune-up, wait, that’s not the word, overhaul, of a lifetime. I got new everything on it and now it rides better then the day that I got it. I’m very happy about it.

     This vacation isn’t turning out to be useful in the intended direction. I meant to take this week off so that I could paint the new place so that when we moved in on the weekend, it would already be done. Instead, our new neighbour hasn’t moved out yet because she couldn’t because the guy who was in the place that she was moving into hadn’t moved out yet. I’ve told her that Tom and I will carry her stuff over to her new place because I want to get in our new place. I’m paying for the place as of August 1st, I want it asap, y’know.

     Regardless, this vacation has turned into some mental rest from the database amalgamation project that I’ve been working on at work. My brain just needs a rest from all of the excess thinking.

     I meant to write a long time ago, that I found a new, perfect drug. Tylenol just came out with (I think it’s pretty new) an allergy, sinus drug. I’ve used allergy medecine throughout my life and it’s always kinda worked. But this is like, BAM! (To quote Emeril) No more runny nose, sneezing, blocked airways. It’s a miracle. Use it wisely my son.

     Have a great, hot gross day!

Author: Ian

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