Well, we’re getting there. My original plan was to start washing walls on Wednesday and then I couldn’t because Michelle, who was moving out of that apartment couldn’t move out, because Dave hadn’t finished the repairs on her new place yet. Then since I couldn’t get in on Wednesday to start, it didn’t make sense to get started on Thursday, so I didn’t end up doing anything I had planned.

     Thursday night, I got a call from Stephen, our new landlord, who said he had an interesting twist to throw in again. It seems that “young Harvey” had decided to sail around the world and wouldn’t be returning as expected to his apartment on the property and we were asked if we’d be interested in it. I figured that it couldn’t hurt to look, so I said that sure, we’d take a look at it. We were impressed, the price was still less then we are paying in the old place, but it had two bedrooms, still private entry, and it’s really quite nice. We have the whole top floor of the farm house, with tall ceilings, a big bathroom, a view from all four sides, and a large portch. This place is more then we could have ever asked for. I’m going to start taking some pictures this evening, because I just want to show everyone that I know how cool this place is. (Especially since Mom bought us an air-conditioner. : )

     We’ve started moving in and are now sleeping there. The cats are slowly getting used to their new surroundings, (Firkin’s already cool with it, but Sneakers is still nervous.) I have to get the elevator booked for Saturday when we can move everything out of the old place and get it all cleaned up to rent out ASAP, then maybe we can get some money back.

Author: Ian

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