Okay, the news irritates me today. I heard that the price of beer is probably going to increase. That’s not the problem I have with the news however. The reason that the price of beer is going to go up is that there’s a drought in the west side of the country. Again, nothing unusual there, except for the fact that this drought has been going on for months and I’ve known about it the whole time, due to Brianne’s interest in horses and all topics alike. It’s not until the price of beer is threatened in our province that we finally get our heads ripped from out tight buttocks and learn of a drought that has been crippling lots of Canadian businesses. How irritating is that. You’d think that we would have learned earlier about all of the horses are being auctioned off for pennies because farmers can’t afford to feed them because their hay is so expensive.

     Woodbine burns down and we hear about it every step of the way, for instance; today we learned that there are now charges being pressed in the fire.

     How do these people possibly decide that something is newsworthy and that something else isn’t. Bastards!

Author: Ian

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