W’hoo! So ever since we moved out to the sticks, I’ve been without rapid internet access. (I feel for all dial-uppers around the world.) So the next thing that we were going to try was to get a wireless radio connection running from the office to my place. It’s a fair distance with lots of trees in the way, so the only way this is going to work, is if we can get above all that on both sides. Yesterady I did some research and those antique TV aerial antenna towers aren’t really easy to find any more, because not enough of the general public needs them. I sent some emails out to some of my rural co-workers and I’ve found one. They refuse to let me take it down for them, (their neighbours just did a $250K renovation and they don’t want me dropping it on their house) but they said I can have it, so not only to I have a 30 – 40 foot stand to put my ethernet radio antenna on, I also have a new TV tuner coming my way (which is great, because they just toasted the satellite signal that we watch).

     I probably need a second one of these towers (not necessarily quite as tall) for the office, because we have a fair amout of elevation that we need to get for this link to work correctly.

     Once it’s all one, I’ll have about 5mb/s access to the network at work, and my 2mb/s connection to the internet. Other people on the property are interested in a connection as well. So I’ve offered to wire them in too. Once this whole process is complete, I’ll be making about $120/month providing internet access to my neighbours, more if I make another wireless shot across the street to the people over there. Isn’t technology fun!?

Author: Ian

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