Busy, busy, busy! This was a wonderful weekend. On Saturday we helped Tom get a bunch of new stuff (like a TV, DVD player, receiver, etc..) and then on Sunday we went to Kristen’s parent’s place in the country for an “end of summer spectacular” which was pretty damn fun. I can now consider myself a lawn bowling professional.

     While I was there, I noticed that they had a TV antenna and tower, and a satellite dish, so I asked if they used it at all. They said they didn’t and they were looking for someone to take it away, so yesterday I did. Now I have 1 tower on my portch and I’m waiting for the second one to be available for me to pick up. Hopefully now I’m going to be tall enough, if not I’ll need to get another tower so I can add some height to one of them (probably the one at the apartment). Oh what fun it is to ride with a tower hanging out your trunk!

Author: Ian

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