So we’re on our way home from the barn and we’re waiting at the traffic light to turn left onto Steeles. We’re behind a tow truck and it’s turning left too. Then a big tractor-trailer is turning right onto fourth line (the street we’re on) and it couldn’t make the turn because it was way too tight. So the nice tow truck driver in front of us backs up into us. The nice forks that hold up cars go straight into the hood, tearing a small hole and bending it. We were pretty shocked but okay. The guys says oh, it’ll only be $400, get some price quotes and the company will cut you a cheque.

     After looking at it, the clip that holds the hood closed is bent, and by safety standards should definately be replaced. Also the A/C intake is bent and since it wasn’t bent before, I think it should be replace, as with the framing of the car itself, which I’m not sure can be easily be bent back. The new hood will have to be re-painted and I was talking to one of my neighbours who is a car guy and he said that they should probably paint the fenders too because it won’t look right to have shiny hood and not shiny fenders. He’s a car guy and he said that with everything that he’s seen, it’ll probably come to closer to the $1000 price tag. He said that I should probably just go to the insurance company, but I’m not sure if that will make mine go up (the whole risk of accident thing). I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just get the quotes from three companies, (all inclusive! I need a car to drive while this one’s in the shop…) and say this is how much it is, if you don’t like it I’ll go to the insurance company.

Author: Ian

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