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     So after I get my summons and my accident report, I climb into the tow truck, pissed as can be, and we’re off. I realise, once we’ve turned onto the 401 that I don’t have my license, registration, or ownership stuff and the cop still has it. We pull off to the side of the road and my driver calls the cops and says that the cop still has my papers. Then we hear on the radio “That tow truck driver who just took that car off the 407 and turned onto the 401, I would like to return the driver’s license and information”. Then he gets there and gives it back saying; “You might need this.” As if it’s my fault that he didn’t give it back to me.

     So next stop is Showcase auto-body where they give me an exhorbonent price estimate for 100% new parts, and then start researching used ones, which will take time because it’s a 1992. Needless to say, I don’t know when I’ll see the car again.

     The guys at the shop seem to think that if I explain the situation to the judge that they’ll probably just throw the whole thing out of court, maybe even crap on the cop for wasting his/her time. Jane from work, used to work for StateFarm (I called in and said I was stressed so I wouldn’t be coming in.) said that I should get the quote, including money for rental car and inconvenience of the court issues and all of that and give it to the offending tow truck driver’s company telling them pay this much or I go straight to the insurance company who will make all of that stuff happen, that’s why you have it and their insurance will go up. She also told me to bring the tow truck driver to court for my court date.

     Bloody lovely day, isn’t it? Maybe the cold water was a sign?

Author: Ian

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