Other stuff that’s been going on;

          Tara’s headed off to school for the semester in Ireland and her family went with her so that they could enjoy a vacation. She’s taking international business management. Next semester she’s going to Hungary. Tom’s already missing her a whole lot and he even got himself a new toy so that if she emails him while he’s on the road he’ll get it right then and there.

          I talked to Tony about putting a tower up on the roof of LO so that I can get internet access through it. He gave me the look like “Oh no, this sounds bad”. But then he found out that it wouldn’t cost him anything and he was all for it, just as long as I don’t break anything. I just need to find myself another tower or three so that I can start this project before it starts to snow. If you know anybody….

          Brianne’s started her musical ride at the barn this month. Basically they ride around to some song of their choosing and look like they’re organized. I think the end result is going to be fun to watch. Also in barn news, Janna’s son TJ broke his leg. Him and his dog were playing and he got tossed in the air. Word has it that he’s enjoying the over-attention that he’s getting and he’s being really brave about things.

Author: Ian

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