Where were you a year ago today? I remember I was at work, updating this site on a nearly-hourly basis telling the world what I knew. For some people who couldn’t get to any web sites, I was the only source of information that they have (asside from TV and radio) so it was important for them. That was when IanService.COM news really started to get updated and read.

     I heard someone who emailed into the radio station today and they were saying that one good thing about the 9/11 tragedy last year was everyone was being extremely nice to everyone else. No one was cutting anyone off on the 401, everyone was being nice to everyone else, just to lighten the burden that we were all carrying about the events that were unfolding. It’s now a year later and everything is back to the way it was. I think this guy really has a good point, I wonder why it is that everyone can be really nice when there’s a huge disaster going on, but when nothing completely horrible is going on everyone’s as prickly as ever. Human characteristics are a funny subject.

Author: Ian

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