What’s this? Water!? There was a guy up at the property last night checking out our water situation and it seems as though he’s solved the problem. It’s too early to tell for sure, but so far, there’s pressure and then some and it’s great!

Mike & Sully     Bought Monsters, Inc. last night. This movie is sooo good. I had been anticipating it’s release date for a long while so when the day finally came I was sure to pick up my copy right away. We had a viewing last night, but there’s 200 minutes of special features to go through before I can consider it viewed. I don’t watch enough of the special features on DVDs these days.

The OsbournesCTV     Last night CTV showed a couple episodes of The Osbournes completely uncensored. The show is kinda funny, but there’s only so long that you can watch dogs poopin’ on the expensive rugs before it becomes disturbing viewing. The one thing that struck me as odd was Ozzy. He is a total dad. He’s like, don’t drink, don’t do drugs. As soon as he said that I was thinking, how can he say that? He’s Ozzy Osbourne. I thought he stood for drinking, drugs and chicken. Anyway, I think I’ll causally watch it if there’s nothing else on, but otherwise, ehn.

     I’m the master of the vacuum cleaner! The belt fell off, so I opened it up last night and put it back on.

     Tonight, some more tidying is scheduled along with sitting and watching the tube.

Author: Ian

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