On Friday night we had the coolest, freakyiest thunderstorm roll though here. We couldn’t see 20 feet in front of us while driving 10 km/h. We pulled into the driveway and where we usually park the car was rocking back and forth and one of those canopy tents blew by so we parked by the barn for some wind resistance. Then in about 10 minutes it was all gone. There were wheelbarrows tossed at the parking area, there was that canopy tent which had blown up against the house so hard that it had bent the bars. A lot of riding jumps and stuff had blown down too. Pretty freaky storm. After it was all done for a while, the power went out too. Oh what fun.

     Last night we went to Kristen’s parents place for her birthday party. Always a good time out there, but since we didn’t get to bed until 4am after going to Big Buck’s the night before, it was kinda hard to stay awake.

     Tonight; Brianne’s parents invited us over for dinner and then it’s Sopranos season 4 episode 2 at Tom’s place. Then back to the grindstone.

Author: Ian

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