My computer has been causing me a lot of little problems since I got the new HP deskjet d135 installed and I’m thinking it could be easily solved if I upgraded to Windows XP. At the present time, I’m not the most keen on the idea, but I think it might be for the better. I’ve heard that although the roundedness sucks, you can make it look and perform better by making some minor changes to some 100 settings or so. Faster is better, and since my laptop was originally designed for XP, it makes sense to at least give it a whirl. Also I think installing from scratch would do me a lot of good too. New drivers, new software, everything from the ground up. Wish me luck!

     Brianne’s musical ride will be held at the barn this Sunday. Since she’s taking two lessons, she’s doing two of them (she’s most proud of the Thursday lesson team). For those who don’t know, basically it’s like figure skating or synchronized swimming on horseback. It’ll be pretty cool to watch.

     Back to the rat race.

Author: Ian

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