Well, it’s been a good six hours now, and I’ve finally gotten my system upgraded to Windows XP. I wasn’t satisfied at first, but after doing a bunch of the tasks from CompHelpDesk.com I was able to speed this system up and then with some more tweaking, I got rid of the login screen, actually gave myself a password, and wow! It’s actually running faster then before (but that might also be because I formatted before I installed it) and that’s good enough for me. I killed the themes, and it looks like Windows 2000 with some different icons. Not much else is different when you make all of those settings changes, and it’s better that way. My files transferred just fine from my backup (getting big now at 590mb while tar/gzipped!) and my accounting stuff didn’t skip a beat. Très excellente!

     Tomorrow it’s off to Markham to pick up an order of CDs and drop ’em off. Then to work, to bank, to old apartment, and more cleaning. Then I think Tom is forcing us to go out to the bar. He’s gettin’ lonely with Tara in another country. The weekend’s fairly booked too with packing/cleaning, ride rehearsals, a possible camp fire, removal of stuff from apartment, musical ride, Simpsons, Sopranos? and then off to another week!

Author: Ian

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