So I had my first court date today. I had to state my intentions. At this point in time, the prosecution explained to me that I should seek legal council. So I called the lawyer guy who set up my company and left him a message. Next court date is October 28 at which point in time, with my legal council (or myself ready to defend myself), I set a real court date for the trial to commence. This is the most long and drawn out process I’ve ever heard of. Another option that I have would be to contact X-Copper legal services and get them to do it for me. Technically if I get a legal representative, I don’t have to show up for any more days.

     I did win one little battle today though. Brianne doesn’t use her cell phone as often as we though she would when we got it, so since my phone’s going down hill quick, we were going to switch my service over to hers and then disactivate hers. There’s a $15 per phone charge to program the new numbers into the phone. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of considering I spend more then enough money with Bell Canada and Mobility. So I called, complained and they’ll be paying me back for the charge. I like that.

Author: Ian

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