Holy busy Batman! Things have been insane lately. Over the weekend, I networked my Aunt Jane’s place and set up her phone jacks and cable too. I’d never really done hands-on cable so it was a good opportunity for me. I’ve watched it done, but hadn’t done it before.

     On Monday I had a meeting with one of my client’s accountants. She needs a full network and since their office is in an old house, they’ve decided to go with a wireless network for ease and beauty of work. They’re even going with the newest wireless networking protocol, 802.11a on the uncrowded 5GHz range. Very cool stuff and I got them a great deal on a couple systems too. (P4 1700 System + Monitor for under $1000!)

     I’m hoping that she’ll tell a bunch of the businesses that she deals with about me, I could really use the business.

Author: Ian

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