I have this theory… If there’s snow on the ground, the roads turn to crap. It’s like every time there’s been snow, and more then 3 cars on the road, it’s always so excrutiatingly slow on the road. It drives me stupid. Brianne and I were talking this morning about how horrible traffic was yesterday and today.

     Wendy was telling me about this video game for PS2 that people are getting all addicted to. It runs their lives, they come home from work, play, and play until morning then go to work and the cycle continues. Well aparently this mother is sueing the makers of the game beacause her son killed himself, but when she found the body, his character in the game had died. I guess it was too much for him to have lost his character. I think that’s messed up right there. If you’re that stuck to a video game, I say you need help.

Author: Ian

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