What’s that? New news? What?!

     First of all, I’d like to apologize for not posting anything in a whole long while. I’ve been sick a whole lot lately. First I was out with amebic disentary for like a week. Then I was fine for like a day, then Brianne caught something evil a couple days later. Then I caught whatever she had later the same day. Then I was fine again, but then I had this headache which like made my head explode, which sucked large.

Some time during that whole illness thing, Brianne went to her company Christmas party. At first I was like largely bitter because it was employees only. But it sounded like they all had a great time, so I figure if it works, good for them. They find that it’s a better party because there’s none of us non-Esselte types there to be all stupid and make antic-dotes about crap. Instead it’s just employess who all already know eachother and get frickin’ blotto. Sounds like fun to me.

     I’ve been updating PhuckHead.com a whole lot with the tons of email that I’ve been getting, and it’s all damn funny stuff. Some Christmas, some not, some just damn hillllllarious. I like to brag about it.

     So, how about this snow?! It’s lovely, but I’d like to see more of it. I can deal with the cold as long as there’s lots of snow to go around.

     Anywho, I think I’ll update some more sooner rather then a hell of a lot later. Big Christmas plans and a whole lot more fun in this holiday season. You know what’s annoying, why can’t I say Merry Christmas anymore? Why can’t I wish you a damn happy New Year? I hate stupid politics. I’m not forcing anything on you, I’m just wishing you a Merry Christmas, even if you’re Jewish, Kwanzian, or whatever. Scrooge has it right, BAH!

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