Last night Brianne and I went to IASL’s Christmas party. The IASL people were greatly disappointed with the service at Trattoria Leonardo because it was slow, the wine bottles didn’t come fast enough and when it was time for dessert, there were out of so much stuff that there was no point.

     Afterwards, Tom, Brianne and I all went to Big Buck’s Mountain Lodge in Burlington, which we’ve been frequenting, and I noticed one thing. Traditionally, if I’m walking through a crowd, I’ll gently tap someone on the shoulder if I want to get by. Well last night, I got an annoying poke to the shoulder and I got a smack in the lower back when people were trying to get by. What the hell is that all about? You jerks, grow up. The other thing that we’ve been noticing is that the crowd there looks like it’s getting younger and younger. Must mean we’re getting old.

     Took a cab back to my parent’s place, where I parked, and drove home. On the way down the street, the car sputtered and bleh, out of gas. So I pushed it down the rest of the way and this morning, I rode my bike, with seasonally flat tires to the gas station to buy a jerry-can with 5L of gas so that I could drive the car back. Now I’m fairly tired.

     Yesterday, I assembled my first Pentium 2.4GHz system. Holy ass! I have never used such a fast computer in my life. If I had the money, I would SOOO get one for myself at work. This thing restarts at light speed and the guy who bought it from Tweaked Solutions added the new 120GB 7200rpm hard disk so this thing now has 200GB of hard disk to go around! He also added a 128MB ATI Radeon video card with DVI and Video out. Add one copy of WindowsXP Professional and a 19″ monitor for $2785 after tax! Now that’s a sweet deal for him and I made a tidy some for the company. Merry Christmas.

     I also got the official notice of my raise for 2003. I’m going to get an extra $2.30/hr for my major contract. Hopefully this will be an excellent year of growth for Tweaked Solutions, hoping for much more hardware/network sales, new hosting contracts, internet services and more staff. Now there’s a New Year’s resolution, “Do Good”.

Author: Ian

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