Well, it’s been quite the busy holiday season. We held a Christmas bruncheon at my aunt Jane’s place last Saturday which was nice. Unfortunately Brianne had to work at the barn and Stu had to work at Mr. Angelo’s so we were lacking the usual attendance. We had a good time and as always, my younger cousins really light up at present time.

     On Sunday, my Mom and her siblings held my Grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary. It was at Bluffer’s Restaurant at the Scarborough Bluffs. Very good food and a good time was had by all. That evening we went out with Greg and Stu to see Gangs of New York. Very good flick but we could have all done without the love interest between Leonardo Dicaprio’s character and Cameron Diaz’. Did she even need to be there at all? Later on Greg, Brianne, Tom and I met up at Philthy McNasty’s for some “foolish” wings and a couple drinks.

     When we got home, we got the news that Brianne’s Grandfather had passed away in hostpital the night before. Her parents were in the Dominican and came back just in time for the funeral. He had been sick with various strenuous illnesses over the years including diabetes which usually claims some limbs in older people’s cases, but he was very diligent with his mediacation. He was 81.

     On Tuesday (Christmas Eve) I got a flat tire driving out onto Burnhamthorpe. Changed to the spare, drove Brianne to work and then got the car to Costco where the tires were under warranty. Good deal, but inconvenient. We did a whole lotta running around that day and ended it up meeting for the infamous Christmas Eve dinner at Brianne’s aunt Tina’s. She Italian so there’s tons of sea food and little things to dine like Kings and Queens with.

     On Christmas Day we went to my parent’s place in the morning to exchange gifts and have a nice breakfast. Then in the afternoon we went to Brianne’s parent’s place to help her get ready for dinner. We didn’t do much but she was quite thankful anyway. Dinner was great, traditional turkey, stuffing, taters, etc… Deee-lish.

     Boxing day we boogied on down to London for the annual Service gathering. This is always a busy day with an overflowing family to meet with. This year it was combined with a baby shower for Kirsten and Greg. They’re due in February.

     Yesterday we tried to take it easy, did a little shopping, and as much relaxing as possible. The plan for last night was to go out and party hard at The Kingdom but we ended up parting too hard at home and didn’t end up leaving.

     Today I did a little re-arranging of the office, and am hoping to do a little unpacking too. Maybe I’m being too ambitious though…

Author: Ian

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