There just hasn’t been any time this holiday. I’ve been hoping to get more then nothing accompilshed, except the main problem is, I really want to relax and do nothing. Since there isn’t much time to do that most of the year, I think it’s okay to just chillax. Last night we watched Needful Things which is 13 minutes over-due now. (Stupid Blockbuster!) Pretty good flick with a traditional Steven King feel to it.

     We also watched the first episode of OZ which Stu got me the whole first season of for Christmas. It’s not at all like I expected. I didn’t expect the prison to look so modern. I was expecting Shawshank, dirty, dingy, disgusting. We watched that yesterday too. It was on sale where we were buying some presents for others.

     Today, more R&R I think. It would be nice.

Author: Ian

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