One of my suppliers is this place in Mississauga, and they’re so disorganized, so stupid and so incomprehensible that it’s not even funny. I sent them off an email this morning asking pricing and availability for monitors. The rep. that I deal with proceeds to send me a message saying that he’s got a couple varieties, and prices them out and says they’re all in stock. He’s got two 17″ monitors that I would take for my customer, and I didn’t figure it would be too much of a problem to get either one of the brands. So I headed on down to their location to pick up the monitor and I get there and they didn’t have either of them! Then my rep. proceeds to tell me that he’ll sell me the flat screen one for a whole three dollars cheaper! Big frickin’ deal.

     If you’re going to run a reputable business, how about not lying to your customers? New concept, I’m sure, but what the hell!? I’m glad that wasn’t the only thing that I was buying there today, otherwise that would have pissed me off even more then it did already.

     So while we were there, this trashy family was there and their kid was there and he wanted to leave. This place is very disorganized so it takes far too long to get out of there, it’s almost worth getting a worse deal somewhere else. So anyway, this kid is getting bored and asking; “When can we go?” and his mother, who looks more like a 10 year old 7 foot tall boy with Kurt Cobain’s hair, says to him “You know, we do things for you that we don’t like so now we’re doing something that we want to do.”

     Now most parents would say something like… well anything else! Try; “It’s okay, we’ll be done soon hun.”

     You think that would be it right, but no. The kid kept complaining, quietly, and poking at things, just quietly passing the time. So the kid’s father/grandfather(?) said to him the most horrible thing I think I’ve ever heard anyone ever say to a kid in my entire life; “You keep that up, you’re going to get one hell of a beating when we get home.” Excuse my language, but what a fucking asshole! Then later on he goes to the kid; “Go tell my mommy in the car that we’ll be another few minutes…” and as the kid walked away, “…and while you’re at it, go play on the street.” It’s times like these that I would just love to be twice my size and approach jerks like that and make them apologize to their six year olds.

Author: Ian

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