It’s snowin’ and the cows ain’t comin’ home! It’s been snowing hard here since about 8 o’clock and it’s not supposed to stop until some time around morning. It’s nice to see the first snow storm of the year. I won’t be sick of snow until the end of March or so.

     Brianne and I were driving Mom home from Costco and we saw a van on it’s side in the middle of the 403. The snow hadn’t started yet. It’s like that other time where we were driving Kathy to the barn. It was a very nice day indeed and there was an upside-down, backwards van on the 403. Quite odd. I mean, you’d expect this kind of thing from an SUV, but note the ultra-safe mini-van. I was talking to some guy at Crappy Tire tonight and he was saying that he got in an accident and $4000 of the $14000 dammage was just replacing the airbags. They get you coming and going don’t they?

     Everyone drive slow and safe tomorrow, (technically today) on the way to work. Just be late, it’s not worth any price.

Author: Ian

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