Hey! I wrote a whole diatribe about censoring Something About Mary and how stupid that is, and who is it protecting and maybe parent’s should read to their kids rather then relying on an adult movie on Fox to make life better for them… then I went to bed and I guess I forgot to press the all important post button.

     I also wrote that we have a birth announcement to make. On January 14th, 2003, Julie, one of the dogs that the guy who own the place that we rent owns, had puppies. 6 girls and 3 boys. We’re going to get a girl and name her Cricket. She’ll be coming home in 8 weeks. She’s a golden retriever and I’ll start putting up pictures of the litter once I get them from Stephen’s wife.

     More busy weeks ahead as all of the business that surrounds the Landscaping industry’s down time hammers down my door.

Author: Ian

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