Damn, friggin’ stupid cars! Cars are a money pit. I wish everything was close by. Yesterday I took the car into the shop and I figured that the cost of everything that I needed would be about $500. Expensive, yes, but expected and budgeted for. Wrongo! I just got the call from the unholy shop guy and he hits me with the price tag of almost $1350 after labour and taxes. How can anyone afford to drive a car at that kind of price tag for a repair. Between spark plugs, wires, a sensor, an engine cleaning, (because that sensor caused too much fuel to run into the engine) new exhaust pipe and a new muffler. I wish I knew about cars. I wonder if there’s some sort of free evening course I could take on how to do everything with your car yourself.

     The worst part of it all is it’s not like I have a choice. I have to get places to make money, to pay for the car. It’s a vicious circle and there’s no winners.

Author: Ian

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