Well that had to have been the sunniest day we’ve seen in a while. What a nice change compared to frickin’ cold and snowy. Clouds are supposed to come in with a high of zero tomorrow though.

     I got the car back and things are much better behind the wheel. Still not perfect, but it’s much better and with “a couple of tanks of gas to clean out the system a bit”, I’ll be better than ever.

     I had a very good day at work today because I helped someone attain such a high level of productivity with her database that she’ll be saving hours and hours of re-typing data and having to have me re-type her data too. I also helped out my boss and the boss man at IASL today, and LO bought me some more RAM for my laptop. Quite excellent. More productivity in my lap now too. Quite good. And now, to the barn…

Author: Ian

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