Dear Mother Nature,

     First and foremost, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your part in the production of our cute little handful, Cricket. She’s adorable and seems to be fairly obedient as far as puppies go.

     The main reason for this letter is one major complaint. Brianne and I were happy that Cricket wouldn’t be coming home until March because it would warmer weather then the dead of winter, and with the constant need to be outside for a puppy, this would be better then say December or January for an arrival date. Unfortunately your biological clock seems to be ticking all wrong this year. I know this is Canada, and Canada isn’t warm, but this is petrifyingly cold for an extreme timeframe.

     I would really appreciate it if you would please hurry things up and bring spring around sooner than later, I’m sure you’d rather have a happy population at your hands then an angry one.

– Ian

Author: Ian

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