Murphy strikes again! A while back the lovely garbage can that I got blew away and got buried in snow. Now that we have a puppy to produce waste, having a garbage can to toss it in would be really convenient. So I went out and dropped another $16 + tax on a garbage can. Today, now that there’s been some thawing going on, it appeared! At the bottom of the hill around the corner it was lying there, perfect condition, the lid didn’t even come off. I’m going to have to tattoo them both so if either of them decides to run away, they’ll come home. Unfortunately, we don’t produce that much garbage to necessitate two cans in a week. Maybe one will be the odd week recycling storage or something. Maybe, I’ll add more wheels, add a joystick and drive it around. I betcha it would be good with a propeller on it in the water, like motorized hip waders or something. People would see me coming and say, “Look! There’s motorized amphibian man!” Then they’d probably start to laugh. Maybe this is a bad idea.

Author: Ian

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