What a night! St. Patrick’s Day at an Irish pub is a pretty good deal. Minus the line-up outside. Although I can no longer drink Smirnoff Ice. I’ve decided, that that’s it. I now get this smell in nose that only happens when I’m drinking it. It’s yucky. Until the north american release of Smirnoff Black Ice, I’m not going to touch the stuff anymore. Here’s hoping that they release a new, better cooler this summer. Like Capitan Mogan’s, orange or lime. Those were some great drinks.

     Everything’s melting at an alarming rate so there’s lakes all over Halton Hills and the 16 Mile Creek is looking more and more like the Misssissippi with chunks of ice in it. Where 5th line turns into lower baseline, the little parking area and the horse feild on the opposite side of the road are both now part of the so-called creek. I’m tempted to get my camera and get some shots of the creek in our backyard, but it’s too wet to walk that far. Actually, perhaps some plastic bags in my boots will make the trek doable.

     Well, everyone’s heard now, George Bush is now taking things into his own hands, with his; “God bless my ass because I’m an ignorant American schlubb” attitude, he’s given Sadam Insane a 48 hour ultimatum to get out of Iraq (who would want to stay?) or become dead. Sadamn idiot has now scoffed at Senior Bushmaster and everyone who’s not stupid is leaving Iraq. So there’s going to be a crazy war now and Saddam has already sworn that it’s going to be a “global war” if it happens. How lovely. What crap.

Author: Ian

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