War in Iran

     Alibabba and Timmy have finally tossed off their gloves and started to fight. That’s right, the conflict which stems from decades of teasing and a petty theft has branched into full out war. As you all know, Alibabba is the owner of a large chain of electronics stores in Iran. By large chain, I mean one. Timmy is an American who has been trapped in Iran for close to 70 months because he was caught licking a lamp post on the third Wednesday of the month, which is considered illegal in Iran’s capital, I.

     Timmy went to prison where he was stripped of his passport and then he couldn’t get back into the States, so he broke through the bamboo which held him and went back to town where her got a part time job at Alibabba’s hut. He was in charge of scratching the serial numbers off of all of the “product”. He did some damn fine work too. Then one day Alibabba made it big and so Timmy started stealing from him. Alibabba tried to call the police but since his phone was black they arrested him for having a black phone on the sixth Tuesday of the year.

     Last night in an explosion of stupidity, Alibabba shot off Timmy’s leg. It tool 57 shots to blow it completely off, and Timmy was quite cooperative in standing still for Alibabba to do it. Timmy is expected to retaliate tomorrow in a hell fire of fire from hell.

Author: Ian

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