Yesterday we had a lovely dinner at Aunt Linda’s place for Easter. Everyone was there and it was dee-lish! Scotlynn is my first cousin, once removed. She’s hyper. Very funny kid. She calls everyone dude. “Where’s the dude?”. Also we got a better chance to meet Stephen, Jessica’s boyfriend. He plays for the Ontario baseball team. Pretty cool stuff. He reminds me of my old friend Eric Brown when he was being serious. (I hardly ever saw Eric be serious though.)

     In today’s Toronto Star there’s a really cool two page article about SARS. Brianne read it to me while I was driving her to the barn this morning. It’s like the complete history. Someone really did their homework. The only thing that it doesn’t have (yet) is a cause for SARS. It just traces it back to it’s first case, not how the guy who first had it got it. Isn’t that important?

     I just won a free coffee on my Roll Up the Rim! I was due to win eventually. Just figured it would be the RedezVous though.

Author: Ian

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