The attacking goose

     On Saturday a goose at Lower Baseline and 6th Line was by the side of the road and as I drove by, he ran up to hiss at the car. We laughed and drove on. On Sunday the same goose was standing in the middle of the road, when I drove up, rather than move, he hissed at the car and waddled out of the way slowly while fiercely starring me down. This morning, he was sitting in a ball at the side of the road. I’m guessing he attacked the wrong car and someone clipped him.

     I wrote a poem for him. (I’m guessing he’s a him because only a guy would be stupid enough to take on something 10,000 times his weight… It’s like me versus a falling building or something.)

Oh violent goose

You hissed at me

You were quite obtuse

But now you are free

Free to experience

The wonderful place

Called birdie heaven

Where you can chase

Every car you see

Will be your target

Practice to flee

And don’t forget

To hiss violentlee

Author: Ian

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