Oh, deer.

     Yesterday morning when I went outside with Cricket, she wouldn’t even leave the portch because there was a rabbit on the lawn. It was petrified in fear and I guess it figured that moving might give it away. So we go back inside, continue our day.

     This morning, she actually made it to the lawn, so I guess she really had to go. Then when she was almost done peeing, from the plateau by the pond there was a stampede-like sound as, what I assume was a deer or two, ran off. Very cool. Tomorrow I’m going to have my glasses on, cleaned and a flashlight in my hand to see if I can’t spot them.

     On the downside to start off the day, since 5:45, we’s gots no water! I sent an email to the lord of the land last night, and another one this morning to stress the disappointment and agrivation that we’re suffering from here. It doesn’t make for a great start to the day if you can’t be clean to start it off. Try doing dishes with a trickle of water, or when someone else is doing laundry, try to do fill a drinking glass. Hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Author: Ian

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