What’s new? Travel advisory from the WHO has been lifted for Toronto.

     The Toronto Blue Jays held a $1 ticket night to attract people to the city. First sell out in years for the Jays.

     Gas went down to under 60 cents per litre in the city yesterday, lowest I’ve seen in a dogs age! It’s said that it will go back up soon due to more demand for travel season in the greater scheme of things. Experts speculate that it will go down another 5 cents per litre before that point though.

     Jean Crétien, although not a doper himself, is interested in voting towards decriminalization of marijuana in Canada. Advisors close to the prime minister say that he’s trying to get re-elected by stoned youths.

     The weather is stupid. Either that or the weather people can’t figure it out. First it was supposed to thunderstorm tonight and tomorrow, now it’s just expected scatty showers. By the time tonight comes it’s probably going to be sun and shine.

     In more important news; Tom’s leaving that cyborg Jen curbside to be with the woman of his dreams, Ailise. Very good news. In celebration, she’s leaving the country for the summer. Just to tease him I think.

Author: Ian

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